On the day my son Owen came home from Pre-school and said, "I want to go to horse camp," I knew his passion was going to be horses. We looked everywhere for a horse camp and on a good recommendation from my sister-in-law, found Sierra. Since then, Owen has done four weeks of camps with Sierra, several Saturday sessions, as well as Fall Horse camp this year. My older son has also joined in the fun. Sierra is amazing. Not only do the kids learn every aspect about horses, from cleaning stalls, to feeding, to grooming, to riding, but the incorporation of horse art into the camps in the afternoons is amazing. They really learn to look at the horses in many different ways. In addition, she incorporates yoga into the day, getting the kids calm and focussed in their approach to the horses. I can not say enough good things about Sierra and her camps. There is nothing even close to this in this area, and it was a great introduction for us to horses, riding, and will continue to be a great learning experience as the kids grow in their horse endeavors. We were able to take a four day family pack trip last summer, and the kids were so prepared mentally and physically. Thank you Sierra! We really appreciate all that you do for the kids! Shawn and Andy Ankeny
Owen A
Incredible introduction for my 5 year old daughter to horses, horse art and the responsibilities of taking care of horses, not to mention learning to eat salad at lunch time!
Jennifer O.
My daughter has been participating for years and loves the horses and art. It's been a great activity for her. Holly Balogh
Holly B.
Our daughter loves Sierra and her horses. Every time she left the arena, she was all smiles. The instruction, safety and fun provided were all top notch.
Johanna L.
So much more than just an introduction to horsemanship. Sierra really cares about the progress & development of the whole child. Yoga, thoughtful living, farming and eating practices are taught and shared. Wonderful experience!
Jen C.
My son has been talking about wanting to ride a horse for quite some time now, so I have been asking around and listening to other parents comments about their children's experiences and they all lead back to Sierra and Teton Outdoor Adventures. Both of my boys (8&4) were excited to be able to ride with her this week and they didn't want to leave. They had a fantastic time. I am certain we will be riding again this summer!
Tina F.
For better or worse Sierra turned my daughter into an absolute horse lover. My daughter participated in a summer camp last summer, as well as in an after-school program and it's all she talks about doing this summer. I love how Sierra combines art, respect and care for animals small and large and horse skills.
Meliza W.
Both my daughter and I have ridden with Sierra over the past 3 years. My daughter was part of her after school program. I loved the healthy snacks Sierra provided after school. The riding was great and Sierra had a kind gentle approach to horses that my daughter appreciated. The art was an added bonus and we now have a lovely canvas my daughter painted hanging proudly in her room. I participated in an adult riding clinic twice over a 2 year period and loved it. It was a great combination of riding, yoga and art. I met some great friends and really enjoyed learning to be more comfortable around horses, since my daughter is obsessed with them. Sierra is a kind spirit and has a beautiful way with horses and kids.
Jennifer B.
My daughter has participated in Sierra's horse camps for the past year. Sierra provides more than just access to horses and instruction around how to ride. She supports the participant's understanding of how to act around and understand horses, focusing on how to calm oneself. I strongly recommend the consideration of this opportunity for your child or yourself. You won't regret it! My daughter has benefited greatly from this opportunity and we are looking forward to having her participate again this summer!
Jennifer K.
Sierra runs this camp as every kids' dream!! My 2 boys (8 &10) just went to the camp in order to gain skills in horseback riding. They LOVE animals and pretty much just want to hang out with horses all the time! They learned how to capture and saddle a horse, lead by rope and while on the horse and do a mini jumping camp! They also got to do some "manual labor" building a pig pen and a fence to help the working ranch to run better! They felt so empowered to be able to help Sierra by doing actual chores to help the camp run! The artwork was fun for them too and they were proud of the art they brought home. They definitely want to go back and learned a lot about themselves and others!
Trish G.
My 3 girls attended camp this week and literally told me it was the “best thing that’s happened to them ... besides their baby brother being born.” They have become more confident and have had an amazing time learning how to care and ride horses as well as enjoying getting to be creative and having some personal freedom and responsibility around the ranch. We love the home-grown feeling of this camp. It would be hard to duplicate!
Sierra and her camp was an opportunity for my kids to learn the life lessons that horses teach us (patience, persistence, and compromise). I had been told by many locals that she is best. The “horse whisper” and the only person that has the talent to teach kids how not only to ride horses but to connect to their environment by taking care of these animals and ranch. Most importantly the camp has a creative aspect to it and my kids thought it was the best! My kids reported: Best ever...just it do...so worthwhile!
Ruth M.
Camp TOA has been an incredible experience for our son and entire family. First, Sierra, the owner of TOA was extremely helpful in explaining about camp facilities, programs, staff and horses. She was accommodating to our schedule, promptly responded to our emails and phone calls and it was an easy process to sign up for camp online. When the kids got there Monday morning, there was homemade banana bread and fruit to get them started. Sierra had the utmost patience and skill teaching the class and was well organized with imaginative activities. The horse time had a lot of confidence building components and enough hands on to keep the kids engaged. Her horses were well mannered and sweet. The kids were able to ride bareback in a safe environment and go on a trail ride with the majestic Teton views. The small group size and one on one instruction led the kids to noticeably improved horsemanship. She had chickens, chicks, rabbits, cats, a guinea pig and gardens. The kids were encouraged to help with farm chores and work as a team. Our son, Dillon, made the most amazing artwork that incorporated sewing, painting, beadwork with a horse motive. It was beautiful and he was so proud of himself. Her staff was friendly, competent, responsible and helpful. On Friday, families were invited to a BBQ that incorporated locally grown food and to watch a horse show put on by the kids to show their hard work. Sierra is a highly qualified teacher and runs a smooth operation. We would highly recommend Camp TOA for a well balanced, thoughtful experience to enrich your child’s Teton Vally summer.
Kimberly M.
My girls are attending this camp this week and what a great experience they are having! This is beyond horse riding camp - they are learning about mindfulness with the horses and ranch care as well as engaging in creative art projects and having some sprinkler fun! They are so excited for today because they are going trail riding! This camp builds self-esteem and teamwork while providing an unbeatable opportunity for kids!
Courtney U.
As a lifelong rider, horses have always been a part of my children's lives. Sierra's camps have taken their love for horses to a new level. Her knowledge, horsemanship skills, safety and compassion is transparent in everything she does and the children thrive as a result. -Allison Merritt
Allison M.