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Welcome to Teton Outdoor Adventures!

Connect to Nature. Bond with Family.
Discover Yourself.

Our goal at Teton Outdoor Adventures is to provide a scenic escape for families, groups, and children that focuses on sustainable living and connecting to nature through equine experiences, delicious farm-grown meals, friendly and personable staff, and fun outdoor activities.

Connect with nature

Teton Outdoor Adventures is a 400-acre ranch that is 100 percent renewable, powered by solar and geothermal technology, that operates on principles of permaculture. Located in Tetonia Idaho, the ranch boasts some of the most spectacular views of the Teton Range. Find yourself perfectly nestled between the parks and tourist attractions in an “off the beaten path” private getaway.

Relax and have Fun! We Take the Stress Away by Planning an Unforgettable Adventure.

At TOA Guest Ranch, you will sleep soundly in the freshly renovated lodge that sleeps up to 20 people. As a camper, you will sleep at the base camp where you will notice how quiet it is and how bright the stars are at night. As a participant, you will be impressed with the steady and beautiful horses, the awe-inspiring views and the productive agricultural landscape.